Cafe Juanita

BF and I decided to try a new restaurant to celebrate his birthday (well post-celebration that is). Cafe Juanita is just 10 minutes away from his office so we decided to have lunch there after his night shift.

And. It. Was. Perfect.

Food. Place. Service.


Better to avoid lunch and dinner rush. Jojo said it tends to get super packed during lunch time. We got there around 11 am on a Friday. Their phone’s ringing non-stop for reservations I’m guessing!

Check out why I loved Café Juanita! Read my review on looloo


Quick shout out

Since I started working for this new company (June 2012), I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about my recent trips. I’ve been really preoccupied with work that I just read travel magazines from a coffee shop. How sad.

It was just recently that I discovered about my blog’s reach. I met someone who knew me by my blog. We were both (he’s heading it, and I was merely the support) working on a safety video for my company and I had to take a long weekend leave for my trip to Coron, Palawan. When I got back, he asked me if I was going to write about it in my Clar’s Misadventures.

I was surprised he knew about it. He explained that in his previous company, it was part of his job to research and read online blogs, and he stumbled upon this! Coincidence? Small world? 🙂

I don’t know if you are still reading this but a quick shout out to Erwin! Hello! 🙂

And OH! I was having one of those pathetic moments again where I find myself browsing through travel magazines in Starbucks. And I realized I really need to know how to manage my time well. I NEED TO WRITE. I need to share my “misadventures!” Promise. I WILL FIND THE TIME.

Even Jenna Hamilton, in the middle of making out with Matty finds the time to update her blog. So I guess I should not be making up excuses anymore. :))

Mary Grace, Greenbelt 1


What I love about hanging out with friends is that I get to explore  or re-explore food places that I want to try for myself. Last year, we had a girl’s night out in Mary Grace in Greenbelt 1.

I love the place! I love the ambiance! Very much! I don’t have photos of the food though. We ordered greens and pasta. I like their drinks selection and how they kept their menu simple and very ‘at home.’

I’m sharing you a few photos I took before we were engulfed in our girl time!

IMG_1534 b
Mary Grace’ menu
IMG_1535 b
Pretty table arrangement!
IMG_1536 b
View from the couch
IMG_1537 b
Look up!
IMG_1538 b
Closer look at the ceiling ❤
IMG_1539 b
Notes, letters and surveys.
IMG_1540 b
Most sincere note/letter and template I read that night 🙂
IMG_1541 b
Kesong Puti!

IMG_1542 b


Mary Grace offers home-cooked meals and perfect ambiance to families and friends. If you want intimate dinners, this is the place to be.

Happy Birthday

My birthday’s just around the corner. This year, it’s not actually on a day you want to celebrate it because it falls on a Black Saturday and most people in our neighborhood (well our family is) wants to just keep their Holy Week, well, holy. I am not expecting a big celebration. My mom’s just preparing food to share with my titos, titas and cousins. And a bit of swimming too.

For me, it’s a 4-day rejuvenation week. To catch up on TV shows, books, travel posts and more stories to tell. And let me start this story-telling weekend with a little treat from the university that helped shaped me into becoming who I am today.

Arrived in mail today.
Arrived in mail today.

I love it. It’s true that it takes a long time to grow young. Very appropriate quote for a birthday card. I appreciate what they did here, and I hope fellow Lasallians get the same greeting card too.


Animo La Salle!

Happy weekend, folks! I hope you have a blessed one. Stay safe!