Google Chrome Momentum

Have you heard about this Google Chrome plug-in “Momentum”? It’s a very cool plug-in or app that shows beautiful scenic spots around the world.

It shows your location, the weather, and an inspirational quote at the bottom. It also has a to-do list at the side (which I rarely use).


I’ve meant to post my discover of this chrome extension for some time now. Never got the chance until today. It’s one of the things that keeps me up during the day. Talk about #wanderlust

Try to install the extension by clicking here.

Cafe Juanita

BF and I decided to try a new restaurant to celebrate his birthday (well post-celebration that is). Cafe Juanita is just 10 minutes away from his office so we decided to have lunch there after his night shift.

And. It. Was. Perfect.

Food. Place. Service.


Better to avoid lunch and dinner rush. Jojo said it tends to get super packed during lunch time. We got there around 11 am on a Friday. Their phone’s ringing non-stop for reservations I’m guessing!

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Boracay Day 3 (February 2012)

We didn’t do much on our last day. We picked up our Calamansi Muffins and headed back to the hotel to pack. After check out, we decided to have an early lunch at the Bite Club.

It’s a cozy semi-fast food place right at the heart of Station 2. Burgers, burgers and burgers everywhere. They have this big signage that tells you how to order your food.

Choose your burger + Add your own choice of toppings = create your own burger!

Here’s their menu:

I forgot what we ordered back then. I think we had The Bomb and Bombarella.

Do I look hungry here ^ ?


One of the best burgers I have ever tasted. Aside from I ❤ BBQ, I have another restaurant to go back to next time I visit Boracay again. 🙂

We slept mostly during the bus ride to Kalibo Airport. It was also a first for us to talk during the flight back to Manila. Usually when we travel we sleep and listen to our own MP3 players.


But the weather’s really nice and we had to take it all in!




We were able to spot 3 rainbows!

After visiting Boracay twice in 6 months, of course I would go back! Maybe next year? 🙂

Photos taken with Canon S100

Boracay Day 2 (February 2012)

We booked a snorkeling + island tour + Crystal Cove trip during our first day’s hang-out-by-the-beach hour. We got it for Php 1500 (2 pax on a paraw) – I know it’s expensive. But hey, I didn’t really know how much  that trip should cost! Anyhooow…

We woke up just in time for our 9 AM appointment. That gave us time to eat breakfast at the hotel. You can choose from the two options: an American breakfast or a Filipino breakfast.

We are rice-lovers therefore: Chicken Tocino with scrambled egg,

and Longganisa with scrambled egg:

Small portions but they weren’t bad at all.

We met up with Romnick (09309125619) who is supposedly our boat guy but on our way to the shore, we transferred to another boat guy named Sherwin (I think it was Sherwin).

The paraw travels longer, that’s for sure. Snorkeling was bad though, the waves are too big.  We took ample photos at the Crystal Cove, that’s for sure. Our boatguy-turned-tour guide was kind enough to hold my camera the entire time to take our picture practically everywhere. Here are some photos in Crystal Cove:

There are several coves or caves on this island that you can visit. Entrance fee is around Php100. A lot of people come to Island Cove to have their lunch in one of the cottages available. They bring in lunch baskets, utensils etc. and there are also available comfort rooms around. There is nothing really going on here but what interests me is the mini-zoo available for the guests’ appreciation. And this guy:

because he seemed so out-of-place.

Hmm. This looks interesting:

We were supposed to visit another island after the Crystal Cove but we got so hungry from all that walking and boat ride we decided to skip that part. We freshened up and headed to Bistro Valhalla for lunch.

I forgot to mention that 3 meal coupons came with the final voucher we received from Cash Cash Pinoy after payment. And this was one of them (photo above). I thought the fried chicken will be just a normal dish but when it was served, I was SO wrong.

It was very juicy, delicious and crispy. We should have ordered this for dinner instead.

We headed to Real Coffee and Tea Cafe (Station 1) to order some Calamansi Muffins. We placed our order and asked them if we could pick them up the following day instead. And I think because most people do this, they asked for our name and contact number and the time of pick up.

We paid for our 6 boxes and headed to the grotto to take a few photos. It’s around 2 PM and the sun is high – we decided to buy drinks at Jonah’s Fruitshake.

While waiting for our drinks, we saw these foreign girl BFFs who were re-applying make up and sunblock. They had their DSLR on the table. And I almost cried when I saw it:

So much dirt and sand. It’s so sad!

We spent the afternoon swimming and talking and almost falling asleep. And when the sun started to go down, everyone brought out their cameras and took photos. So we did too!

We went back to the hotel, freshened up and went back to Valhalla to order dinner. We ordered soup (french onion and mushroom soup) even though the weather’s hot. Haha!

And the perfect way to end the night? Drinking your Green Tea Cream from Starbucks by the beach. 🙂

Photos taken with Canon S100