Christmas Lights Show in Nuvali

There's a new Christmas Lights Show for people living in the South area! If Makati is famous for it's Ayala Triangle Musical Lights show, Ayala created a new spectacle down south in Nuvali. In front of Solenad 3 beyond the gravel parking area, is a whole area filled with Christmas lights. If you're in … Continue reading Christmas Lights Show in Nuvali


A man was arrested for not standing for national anthem

I just saw this news article this afternoon: Growing up, we were taught to respect the elders, to respect your neighbors, your friends, family - basically everyone. As students, you were taught to respect your teachers, the Holy Rosary, Angelus and the 3-o-clock habit (if you were from a Catholic School). You must also experience the … Continue reading A man was arrested for not standing for national anthem

I need a new perspective.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." I have tried. But it seems like this was not one of my best decisions. "Your greatest glory is not in never failing, It is in rising again." This is not me "rising." Or maybe waiting for a few months will make me feel rising back again?

Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together. Wise words from my 2015 planner (Everything is Possible) Happy New Year everyone! 🙂