I need a new perspective.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

I have tried. But it seems like this was not one of my best decisions.

“Your greatest glory is not in never failing, It is in rising again.”

This is not me “rising.” Or maybe waiting for a few months will make me feel rising back again?


Wheel of Life

So I tried to give an assessment on my life and where I am now. I’ve tried this activity before during a management training/workshop I attended last year. And I think everyone should do this on a regular basis to re-align your goals and priorities.

Wheel of LIfe 2

I mean, look at it! My Wheel of Life sucks. Haha! The most surprising part here is… the ROMANCE part of my life is… at 95%. Even higher than what I got for my Family and Friends. Ridiculous! But just to let you know – this does not necessarily mean that you have a partner. Take a look at the following statements:

  • I am open to creating an intimate loving relationship (CHECK!)
  • I am free from past resentments or blame in the area of intimate relationships.
  • I am willing to risk myself for the sake of intimacy.
  • I create romance in my life.

See what I mean? 😛

Well now, I am slowly (but surely) taking the right precautions when it comes to my health. And I believe everyone with a health insurance should use their programs up to the extent that you’ll be cleared of all possible sicknesses! I just learned recently that our health card covers more than we think it covers. And it’s freaking awesome. I’m scheduling a dental and eye check up in the next few weeks. Yay for me!


Now, about career and money.

I was super organized with my financials before – this is before work took over and completely jumbled my organization skills. I am now ready to hit the restart button and re-arrange my financials again! I mean, look at the 14%!

I am meant to resign from work last year. But I am on a brink (again) of resignation, to find myself and what I really want to do with my life. My current work requires me to log in at 9 am and get off work at 7:30 PM. For the past three weeks, my siblings and I have taken turns in taking care of the family business (since our mom had an operation, so we need to somehow take over for a bit). And my parents’office ends at 5:00 PM – and it’s still bright outside!!! For once, I feltI need – I just wanted to come home early.

I want an 8-hour job, so I can have time to do extra things which I have never been done before. I’ve fallen into the bandwagon and started scribbling. I even bought new set of pens and a practice notebook!

I miss writing! Doing reviews and traveling. I want to finish unedited videos! I know what I want to do. And the next step… is to actually take the next step.


We’re almost halfway done with 2015. And my mantra “LETTING GO IS OKAY” is still applicable for me. I just need to get my sh*t together and take over the wheel for once.


You may take the Wheel of Life test here. 

Happy Birthday

My birthday’s just around the corner. This year, it’s not actually on a day you want to celebrate it because it falls on a Black Saturday and most people in our neighborhood (well our family is) wants to just keep their Holy Week, well, holy. I am not expecting a big celebration. My mom’s just preparing food to share with my titos, titas and cousins. And a bit of swimming too.

For me, it’s a 4-day rejuvenation week. To catch up on TV shows, books, travel posts and more stories to tell. And let me start this story-telling weekend with a little treat from the university that helped shaped me into becoming who I am today.

Arrived in mail today.
Arrived in mail today.

I love it. It’s true that it takes a long time to grow young. Very appropriate quote for a birthday card. I appreciate what they did here, and I hope fellow Lasallians get the same greeting card too.


Animo La Salle!

Happy weekend, folks! I hope you have a blessed one. Stay safe!

It’s been a while

It’s been a whole since I posted here. I’ve been really preoccupied with work and adjustments (it’s taking me a very long time to adjust) that it’s hard to find time to write and update everything that needs updating. But I’d like to share something with you guys. My siblings are looking for old photos to put in picture frames for the new house and they put up this photo of me and my older sister. This has been one of my most favorite photos ever. We look so innocent and cute here! This was when we were still in Saudi Arabia.


Boracay Day 2 (February 2012)

We booked a snorkeling + island tour + Crystal Cove trip during our first day’s hang-out-by-the-beach hour. We got it for Php 1500 (2 pax on a paraw) – I know it’s expensive. But hey, I didn’t really know how much  that trip should cost! Anyhooow…

We woke up just in time for our 9 AM appointment. That gave us time to eat breakfast at the hotel. You can choose from the two options: an American breakfast or a Filipino breakfast.

We are rice-lovers therefore: Chicken Tocino with scrambled egg,

and Longganisa with scrambled egg:

Small portions but they weren’t bad at all.

We met up with Romnick (09309125619) who is supposedly our boat guy but on our way to the shore, we transferred to another boat guy named Sherwin (I think it was Sherwin).

The paraw travels longer, that’s for sure. Snorkeling was bad though, the waves are too big.  We took ample photos at the Crystal Cove, that’s for sure. Our boatguy-turned-tour guide was kind enough to hold my camera the entire time to take our picture practically everywhere. Here are some photos in Crystal Cove:

There are several coves or caves on this island that you can visit. Entrance fee is around Php100. A lot of people come to Island Cove to have their lunch in one of the cottages available. They bring in lunch baskets, utensils etc. and there are also available comfort rooms around. There is nothing really going on here but what interests me is the mini-zoo available for the guests’ appreciation. And this guy:

because he seemed so out-of-place.

Hmm. This looks interesting:

We were supposed to visit another island after the Crystal Cove but we got so hungry from all that walking and boat ride we decided to skip that part. We freshened up and headed to Bistro Valhalla for lunch.

I forgot to mention that 3 meal coupons came with the final voucher we received from Cash Cash Pinoy after payment. And this was one of them (photo above). I thought the fried chicken will be just a normal dish but when it was served, I was SO wrong.

It was very juicy, delicious and crispy. We should have ordered this for dinner instead.

We headed to Real Coffee and Tea Cafe (Station 1) to order some Calamansi Muffins. We placed our order and asked them if we could pick them up the following day instead. And I think because most people do this, they asked for our name and contact number and the time of pick up.

We paid for our 6 boxes and headed to the grotto to take a few photos. It’s around 2 PM and the sun is high – we decided to buy drinks at Jonah’s Fruitshake.

While waiting for our drinks, we saw these foreign girl BFFs who were re-applying make up and sunblock. They had their DSLR on the table. And I almost cried when I saw it:

So much dirt and sand. It’s so sad!

We spent the afternoon swimming and talking and almost falling asleep. And when the sun started to go down, everyone brought out their cameras and took photos. So we did too!

We went back to the hotel, freshened up and went back to Valhalla to order dinner. We ordered soup (french onion and mushroom soup) even though the weather’s hot. Haha!

And the perfect way to end the night? Drinking your Green Tea Cream from Starbucks by the beach. 🙂

Photos taken with Canon S100

[February 11, 2012] PyroPalooza/Pyromusical

Last February, I had a project with my previous job that gave me the chance to meet David Archuleta. It was just a simple coverage interview that will only need two to three staff.

But, I requested for five all access passes. Total of six actually, (including our driver) for a simple production. Why?

  1. Me (of course, I’m heading the project)
  2. Carlo, my brother (he’s a big fan, as a production assistant)
  3. Jojo, my travel buddy (as our production assistant also, plus we get to “date”-ish during the fireworks display)
  4. Maricar, our then-OJT (to add hours to her OJT work, and she’s a big fan too)
  5. Tolits, our camera guy (for the well, camera)

We asked permission from his handler if we could get a group picture with David and when she said yes, the two big fans decided where to position themselves. Lo and behold, the final output:

So they can crop it and get to post the cropped photo as their profile picture in Facebook. Very smart!

That night, I told my mom about the project and how we were able to take a photo with my brother’s strategic position when it hit me – MY MOM WAS A BIG FAN OF DAVID ARCHULETA. His season with American Idol is I think the ONLY season she ever watched. She adores him because he’s a very humble person. And even though he is the youngest among the finalists, my mom thinks he is far better than everyone. I felt really bad because she asked for the pictures and just said “Sayang!” 

Oh well. Sorry mother, I forgot.

After the interview, we took a few clips of the event and even stayed for some fireworks display. Photo above is the VIP area.

Here are some photos of the fireworks display using my Canon S100, some in fireworks mode.

February 11, 2012 – South Korea vs Malta

(South Korea played 2NE1’s “I am the Best” haha! I enjoyed it so much)

I was busy, but hey, I’m still alive!

I feel really bad for neglecting my blog for a few months now. I was really really really busy with work, the old AND new.
I was in a transition phase for the past months and my projects with my previous job is keeping me from updating. Everything’s in my draft bin, I just haven’t found time to proof-read everything.
Anyway, just to give you a quick update and to also give you an idea of what you might be seeing here in a couple of weeks, after the January trip, we:
– went to Boracay in February
– tried Toastbox in Greenbelt 5
– tried Hong Kong Cafe in SM MOA
– tried Mr. Kimbob in SM Southmall
– ate at Mary Grace Greenbelt 1 (my first time actually)
– went to Cebu-Bohol last May
– went to Cebu-Bohol last weekend

Crazy right? I still have to finish the Road trip series. I will as soon as my adjustment period ends. 😀 Stay tuned! Kiss kiss mwah.

Bolinao, Pangasinan (May 2011)

We badly needed a vacation last year and because I went to Bolinao a few months before, I insisted we go here for our summer outing. With each paying Php 2,000 for accommodation, food and transpo expenses, we had one of the most awesome summer trips we’ve always wanted.

We rode a northbound bus to Pangasinan and I slept throughout the trip so I don’t know where exactly we got off. But here’s what I’m sure of: we went to Kevin’s house where we had breakfast while waiting for our hired van to take us to Bolinao. Our group stopped by the market to buy water and food to cook and grill in the resort. I was still dizzy from the lack of sleep so I stayed in the van while they shop. Hehe.

We originally planned to stay in Bing’s resort but we changed our mind because:

  1. The room was still unavailable
  2. The room was not beach front, you have to cross the road to reach the beach
  3. My contact person was not available when we got there
  4. Beach was small and kind of dirty
  5. Grilling station was a bit dirty
  6. There is only one available hut in the area
  7. There is also a big group having their team building / outing and we’ll be overpowered and annoyed if we stayed there
  8. We felt it was not our beach.
So we apologized for the inconvenience and left, and looked for another resort. We went back to the start of the resort-filled beach front stretch and stopped by SCL Garden Paradise Resort. We were so happy with the place (you can check out the video below for proof)! They gave us a room big enough for 7 people. We unpacked the shopping bags and started cooking lunch.
We had salted eggs and tomatoes, grilled pork chops, hot dogs etc. Just thinking about what we ate that day makes me hungry. 😐
 After lunch, some of us decided to take dip, others played frisbee, some volleyball.
That afternoon, our frisbee friends taught us how to play the game. I initially thought that frisbee is just a catching game. I thought you just have to catch the disk. But you actually have to RUN and pass the disk to your side/base to get a point. I was not ready for this. It was a rough fun game though.
After a tiring game, we hung out and talked and took photos!

We just had to do a mini-photoshoot!

I forgot what we had for dinner but I was really glad we stayed in SCL because the staff were so nice and friendly, they let us use the cooking utensils they have there! I guess it’s open for all the guests because when we left, another batch of visitors went to the dirty kitchen to prepare their dinner. I love it!

They have a videoke machine too but a group of teenagers was using it so I can’t say if the songs were updated or not.

Nope, we didn’t go night-swimming because it was too dark and dangerous, but you can opt to sit on the sand, listen to the waves and watch out for falling stars with your cold beer!


Day 2 is a going around Bolinao day.

We said goodbye to SCL Garden Resort

We’ll definitely go back there.

I want to stop by the gorgeous rock formations but the sun was still high and too early to take pictures, and well, we didn’t think we’d have enough time . Instead, we passed by the Enchanted Cave:

From what I remember, there is a different entrance fee for those who want to take a bath inside the cave. We didn’t plan on swimming so just paid for the cheaper fee. The water is really cold down there so if you have a lot of time to spare, I suggest you have your lunch there and experience the icy cold water inside the cave.

We also stopped by Cape Bolinao:

And took a looooot of photos. The lighthouse itself was a beauty even if it’s small. Good thing the sky was clear, we had a lot of good photos 🙂

We had a hearty lunch at Bolinao Seafoods Grill just for over a thousand pesos. We ordered chopsuey, a plateful of sizzling mushrooms, pakbet, liempo and my favorite, crispy bangus! YUUUUM!

This photo above I took last March 2011. This is the sign inside the restaurant but they have a different name posted outside the gates. I’m a bit confused too. But you can immediately see this place (right side) before you reach the main road (coming from the resorts area).

Perfect weather, awesome beach, great company = epic weekend!


Check out our Bolinao Trip video and outtakes here, compiled and edited by Kizia 🙂

*Photos above by everyone