Mary Grace, Greenbelt 1


What I love about hanging out with friends is that I get to explore  or re-explore food places that I want to try for myself. Last year, we had a girl’s night out in Mary Grace in Greenbelt 1.

I love the place! I love the ambiance! Very much! I don’t have photos of the food though. We ordered greens and pasta. I like their drinks selection and how they kept their menu simple and very ‘at home.’

I’m sharing you a few photos I took before we were engulfed in our girl time!

IMG_1534 b
Mary Grace’ menu
IMG_1535 b
Pretty table arrangement!
IMG_1536 b
View from the couch
IMG_1537 b
Look up!
IMG_1538 b
Closer look at the ceiling ❤
IMG_1539 b
Notes, letters and surveys.
IMG_1540 b
Most sincere note/letter and template I read that night 🙂
IMG_1541 b
Kesong Puti!

IMG_1542 b


Mary Grace offers home-cooked meals and perfect ambiance to families and friends. If you want intimate dinners, this is the place to be.


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