Dancing With The Dragons Once Again

I found my book! Yay! It’s been here in my room all along. I guess my dad left it here weeks ago when I told him I left it in the car. 

It’s been three months without any progress in my books-to-read list. Which by the way includes:

  • Dance with Dragons (G.R.R. Martin)
  • Face to Face (Bianca Valerio)
  • The Secret Shopper’s Revenge (Kate Harrison)
  • and a whole lot more

These are just the books I’ve started reading. I have no plans of starting the Secret Shopper’s Revenge actually. It’s just that I lost my Dance with Dragons for a while back there. 😛

I’m also reading (again) Catching Fire because of Liam Hemsworth’s recent visit here in the Philippines. I was picturing a very different look for Gale (Hemsworth’s character in the movie ‘Hunger Games’) before the movie came out. And now, I try to imagine LH both as Peeta and Gale. With Liam there, everything’s so much better.

It’s been months since my last book purchase. Well, an exception would be this one mini-book that I consider to be part of my Summit Books Modern Fiction collection – the third installment for ‘Vince’s Life’ because 1) it’s on sale 2) I lent my copy to a previous co-worker 3) it’s on sale.

I think that’s about all the non-sense update about my books list. Haha. I promised myself to read 30 books this year. And so far, I have finished z-e-r-o. Hopefully I can finish at least one before my birthday. Do you think I should count the to-read-again books too? 


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