Boracay Day 3 (February 2012)

We didn’t do much on our last day. We picked up our Calamansi Muffins and headed back to the hotel to pack. After check out, we decided to have an early lunch at the Bite Club.

It’s a cozy semi-fast food place right at the heart of Station 2. Burgers, burgers and burgers everywhere. They have this big signage that tells you how to order your food.

Choose your burger + Add your own choice of toppings = create your own burger!

Here’s their menu:

I forgot what we ordered back then. I think we had The Bomb and Bombarella.

Do I look hungry here ^ ?


One of the best burgers I have ever tasted. Aside from I ā¤ BBQ, I have another restaurant to go back to next time I visit Boracay again. šŸ™‚

We slept mostly during the bus ride to Kalibo Airport. It was also a first for us to talk during the flight back to Manila. Usually when we travel we sleep and listen to our own MP3 players.


But the weather’s really nice and we had to take it all in!




We were able to spot 3 rainbows!

After visiting Boracay twice in 6 months, of course I would go back! Maybe next year? šŸ™‚

Photos taken with Canon S100


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