[February 11, 2012] PyroPalooza/Pyromusical

Last February, I had a project with my previous job that gave me the chance to meet David Archuleta. It was just a simple coverage interview that will only need two to three staff.

But, I requested for five all access passes. Total of six actually, (including our driver) for a simple production. Why?

  1. Me (of course, I’m heading the project)
  2. Carlo, my brother (he’s a big fan, as a production assistant)
  3. Jojo, my travel buddy (as our production assistant also, plus we get to “date”-ish during the fireworks display)
  4. Maricar, our then-OJT (to add hours to her OJT work, and she’s a big fan too)
  5. Tolits, our camera guy (for the well, camera)

We asked permission from his handler if we could get a group picture with David and when she said yes, the two big fans decided where to position themselves. Lo and behold, the final output:

So they can crop it and get to post the cropped photo as their profile picture in Facebook. Very smart!

That night, I told my mom about the project and how we were able to take a photo with my brother’s strategic position when it hit me – MY MOM WAS A BIG FAN OF DAVID ARCHULETA. His season with American Idol is I think the ONLY season she ever watched. She adores him because he’s a very humble person. And even though he is the youngest among the finalists, my mom thinks he is far better than everyone. I felt really bad because she asked for the pictures and just said “Sayang!” 

Oh well. Sorry mother, I forgot.

After the interview, we took a few clips of the event and even stayed for some fireworks display. Photo above is the VIP area.

Here are some photos of the fireworks display using my Canon S100, some in fireworks mode.

February 11, 2012 – South Korea vs Malta

(South Korea played 2NE1’s “I am the Best” haha! I enjoyed it so much)


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