Road Trip Part 2 – Canyon Cove, Nasugbu Batangas (January 2011)

That morning, we decided to seek help from the built-in GPS device in our car. But unfortunately, s/he gave us the longer route (that would take 4 hours from Laguna to Batangas) and we found about that after driving for 20-30 minutes. We turned back and referred to instincts and our trusty South Luzon map.

A lot of roads, trees, cars, Tagaytay pass-by, and a few hours later, we arrived at Canyon Cove.

At the entrance, security will immediately do a headcount of the passengers and give you a piece of paper to present to the lobby. If you can book a deluxe room, there is a big chance you have to pay for extra person/room even though the it is big enough for five.

It has a balcony with an awesome view of the beach. Plus, a huge bathroom! (minus a tub)

(Have you noticed the big bay window couch? It can almost fit 2-3 people!)

We settled down, freshened up, and hit the beach.

It was a bit crowded, mostly families with kids but a peaceful sight nonetheless. You can also rent jet skis or go snorkeling and island hopping if you like. They also give you beach towels so you won’t have to worry about taking your bath towel to the beach. 🙂

The place was far from the city/town proper so you can’t afford to go out of Canyon Cove for dinner. That’s why we had our meal in the restaurant – buffet-type, food’s okay but kind of expensive.


Canyon Cove offers a quick getaway from the city with its fine accommodation and amenities partnered with a great beach.  Your membership is surely worth it. 🙂


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