I was busy, but hey, I’m still alive!

I feel really bad for neglecting my blog for a few months now. I was really really really busy with work, the old AND new.
I was in a transition phase for the past months and my projects with my previous job is keeping me from updating. Everything’s in my draft bin, I just haven’t found time to proof-read everything.
Anyway, just to give you a quick update and to also give you an idea of what you might be seeing here in a couple of weeks, after the January trip, we:
– went to Boracay in February
– tried Toastbox in Greenbelt 5
– tried Hong Kong Cafe in SM MOA
– tried Mr. Kimbob in SM Southmall
– ate at Mary Grace Greenbelt 1 (my first time actually)
– went to Cebu-Bohol last May
– went to Cebu-Bohol last weekend

Crazy right? I still have to finish the Road trip series. I will as soon as my adjustment period ends. 😀 Stay tuned! Kiss kiss mwah.


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