Escape to Seoul Day 7

Day 7.

The most dreadful day when we drove back to the airport and said good-bye to one of the most amazing countries I’ve been to. It is the day to buy last-minute pasalubongs to all our friends and family. It is also one of the most challenging moments in my life where I have to pack and re-pack my luggage to fit everything and keep it within the allowed check-in baggage weight!

We spent our last hours in Seoul in Insadong and Ssamziegil since they are closest (less than 2 minute walk) to the hotel.

We bought hair accessories, tried the huge quirky glasses:

and bought poop bread!

We went back to the hotel and waited for ride to the airport. We were expecting to see Mr. Yoon but someone else drove us to Incheon Airport. As we were leaving Hotel Sunbee, my heart was so heavy but I managed not to cry. Kizia managed to catch some sleep but I woke up several times (again with a heavy heart). I just shot every interesting bit with our Flip.

Incheon Airport is the greatest airport I’ve been to (so far). You can visit a loooooooot of stores inside – coffee shops, bookstores, fast food places, food courts and more. We even saw a group re-creating/performing a traditional Korean wedding – again, INSIDE Incheon Airport.

One of our must-do’s in Korea is try some of Dunkin’ Donuts’ donuts.

Ha! What actually made us want to do this is because of Simon and Martina’s video. To read more about their review, go here. We tried to create a video on our own but we can’t grab a table inside Dunkin Donuts, and the waiting area was crowded, we had to share a seat and make the video. I will edit this soon, I promise. But here are  photos from my iPod.

I can say half tasted great, and the other half’s just okay. But we enjoyed doing the video, that I can tell you.

So we boarded Korean Air and we were welcomed with a scrumptious on-board meal

with dessert!

I’m not familiar  with the types of planes but I sure know we were inside a big one. Each passenger has access to a screen and one can listen to music (Korean or not), watch music videos, and watch Korean movies! Amazing. I started Hello Ghost first but the first part was a little dragging so I changed to Cyrano Agency and apparently, Kizia was watching this one too! The movie was a bit long so we weren’t able to finish it. Don’t worry, when we got back, Kizia grabbed a copy of the movie and shared it to me. THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING.


2 thoughts on “Escape to Seoul Day 7

    1. Hi Faye! Well, excluding hotel accommodation and air fare, and considering the trip is the most relaxing we had, I spent around 30k – food, transpo, entrance fees, ‘pasalubongs’ and gifts for everyone back home. 🙂

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