Escape to Seoul Day 5

Day 5 was short and simple. 🙂 Kizia got in contact with Mo the night before (I think that was before we went to Hongdae) and they finally pinned down the time and location of the meet up. We woke up late (again) so we hurriedly

We met her at Itaewon and we grabbed a traditional Korean lunch nearby. Sorry I don’t have pictures, but what I have is this:

It’s a wet tissue/towel. If you read it, it says: CLEAN TOWEL (cu-lin to-wel) 😀

After lunch, Mo brought us to this really great waffle place: The Waffle Factory.

The place got huge forks and knives!

Everything’s delicious.

Huge untensils = huge servings. Unbelievable. I never had waffles that big.

Until now, I couldn’t believe that we finished our waffles (we had separate orders) even though we were still full from our lunch.

After waffles, we went to a book store nearby. Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures, I was too preoccupied with the wide range of books available. I was also hypnotized by the smell of a mixture of old and new books, with little dust on the wooden shelved tingling my nostrils. Even if we don’t know each other personally, you’ll know what to get me for my birthday or Christmas: books.

Then we grabbed something to drink at the Standing Coffee.

In here, you … stand and drink coffee. Haha! Mo said she usually buys her coffee here.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the whole place but what I have is this:

The cute baristas who agreed to let us in their counter to have our picture taken with them. Nope, not our idea. It was Mo’s.

While we were walking we passed by an Italiani’s and I just find it amusing how it is called in Korea.

Mou brought us to her place and gave us a tour around the base.

We were still full so we skipped dinner and grabbed another cup of hot drinks while going around the mini-mall inside the compound.

We had such a great time around a different side of Korea, all thanks to Mou! Let’s see each other soon! 🙂


So you know how we went to Club Cocoon the night before and we were actually hit on by people and how we were amused with the night life in Seoul? Well, we decided to hit another party place on our 5th day.


We went to Club NB that night. We were pretty scared because the place is darker than Club Cocoon. The place has that misty and eerie feeling maybe because there’s too much smoke. But then again, it was really dark, we couldn’t see anything clearly, so 20minutes into the club, we decided to spend the rest of the evening in… Club Cocoon. Hahaha!

Partying in Seoul is non-stop. How did I know that? Because that night was a SUNDAY. Unbelievable.

I don’t really recall that much about our 5th night in Seoul. The music that night was not really our thing so we just observed the people around us and had a blast just doing it. People watching FTW!


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