Escape to Seoul Day 4 (Part 2 of 2)

Disclaimer: The following accounts are true. I am not making up stories. And you should not blame me for what you’re about to read. These are purely observations and personal opinions. If you didn’t like it, or got offended by it, I apologize in advance, especially to the people close to the  ones we encountered that night. These accounts are based on pure amusement (in a good way) towards the party/parties involved. We are not to blame for the following accounts – we are merely tourists having fun in a foreign land, you can’t blame us for the actions of certain people around us. kei??

Ready Day 4 Part 1 here

So where was I? Oh yeah, the getting ready part:

After some dinner/junk food, we hailed a cab and went to Hongdae. We decided to go to Club Cocoon for the night.

When we got there, we realized we left out IDs back at the hotel (so foolish of us). So we had to go back again to grab our IDs. True and funny story.

BUT! The night was EPIC.

Club Cocoon is exactly what you see in photos. Check a full review here: (this entry helped us a lot, especially finding its location)

(The photos above are from the

At first, Kizia and I were really scared because:

  1. we are technically foreigners/tourists,
  2. we didn’t know what to do or how to do it (like get lockers, grab a drink etc), and
  3. we want to party/dance but it was too crowded.

What we learned/observed:

  • People on the dance floor face the DJ and dance, while the people near the DJ are on the stairs facing the people on the floor. So basically we (on the dance floor) looked at them (at the stairs) all night.
  • Most guys are on the dance floor, and the women are at the bar
  • It’s either: you’ll just feel something grinding your back and when you turn around there’s some guy looking/smiling at you;
  • or you’ll just hear someone whispering (shouting actually) at your ear asking for your name.
  • Koreans dance crazily. In a good and cute way!
  • Koreans dance because they want to, and because they feel like it. They are not afraid or conscious with how they do it. And WE LOVE IT. (Fact: When we got back here in the Philippines, we attended this party and we danced awkwardly – like how we would dance in Korea. And it was fun! We didn’t care! But we didn’t know how to exactly dance ‘normally’ anymore)

So what do I mean by an EPIC NIGHT?

We got hit on three times that night. It was a memorable and fun experience. Let me tell you what happened:

1. Mr. Hoodie and Mr. Nice

Mr. Hoodie was wearing dark grey hoodie jacket with very dark sunglasses. He’s taller than me, I’m assuming he’s around 5’7″? (sorry I’m bad with measurements) His hoodie up, which is weird because dude, come on, you’re in a club. Is the darkness of it not enough to hide your face? Anyway, I know he’s drunk because he smells terrible. With him was Mr. Nice, a bit taller and slimmer than him. He was either wearing a white polo shirt or a white jacket (can’t really remember because he was hitting on Kizia)

We were both dancing and enjoying the new environment when all of a sudden Mr. Hoodie and Mr. Nice started dancing with us, looking at us and smiling. Here’s what happened:

Hoodie: Hi!

Me: Hi!

Hoodie: Where are you from?

Me: From the Philippines!

Hoodie: Nice!

(dance dance dance dance and cutting to the KABOOM moment in 3… 2… 1…)

Hoodie: Do you want to have sex?

Me: What??

Hoodie: Do you want to have sex?

Me: (with my semi-“you disgust me” and “I find this conversation really amusing” face) NO! DO YOU??

Hoodie: Yeah! Don’t you want to have sex?

Me: UHH. NO! (laughs and turns to Kizia)

Me to Kizia: He wants to have sex.

Kizia: WHAT??

Me: Hahahahaha!

She pulls me away from the freaky dude and went to the back of the club. She left Mr. Nice without saying a word. Oh, Mr. Nice was called Mr. Nice because well.. He was nice to her. I forgot bits and pieces of this first encounter please forgive me, it’s been almost a year.

2. Mr. Red

He was wearing red varsity jacket and red cap. And as far as I could remember, he was also wearing black wayfarer. He’s a bit taller than me, almost the same height as Kizia. He’s kind of cute, but not cute cute. I remember him as the guy who looked like Kev Nish of Far East Movement (Just because Kev Nish wears dark eyeglasses every time)

only chubby-er/chubbier and with a bit of pimples.

The conversation we had was longer than Mr. Hoodie but I don’t recall the exact words. Based on what I remember, he speaks really good English. Here’s bit and pieces of our conversation:

Red: (?????)

Me: Sorry?

Red: Oh sorry! I said what’s your name?

Me: Clur!

Red: What?

Me: Clur!

Red: (??? says some name – I guess he was confirming mine)

Me: Uhm yeah sure!

(resumes dancing)

Red: Could you type that out for me? (gives me his phone)

Me: (typing, gives him back his phone) 

Red: Oh right!

Me: And you are…?

Red: (says his Korean name)

Me: What?

(we both laugh)

Red: You can call me by my English name. (Let’s just say he said..) Red.

(resumes dancing; he was trying to dance BEHIND me, but I keep on stepping back so that he will always stay at my right side, Kizia’s at my left)

Red: So where are you from?

Me: From Philippines!

Red: I want to go to the Philippines!

Me: You should!

Red: And you’re staying here…

Me: For vacation.

Red: Until when?

Me: We’re leaving in three days.

Red: Why so soon?

Me: We don’t have any more money! Don opseoyo!

Red: (laughs, he looked cute and sincere when he laughs) You should stay longer!

Me: Give me and my friend money, and then we’ll stay!

Red: Haha! I’ll give you money, so stay!

Me: We need money now! (I laughed at what I said. It’s funny, right?)

Red: Well, I don’t have money NOW…

Me: Well… (shrugs)

(we both laugh at this again)

(resumes dancing)

Red: I may not have money now but… Can I at least buy you and your friend a drink?

Hold it right there, stranger. I was caught off guard. Back here in the Philippines, I don’t get a “can I buy you a drink” offer. I never got a “can I buy you a drink” offer (maybe one big reason is that I don’t party, AT ALL).

So THAT’S HOW IT FEELS LIKE. It’s flattering and crazy at the same time. My mind zoomed past future possibilities of a:

  • YES, SURE (Do I want to talk to him for the rest of the night? Will he take us back to the hotel? Will he take advantage of us?) and a
  • NO, THANKS (Will he continue talking to me? Is he going to leave us alone? Is he going to ask for my number instead?)

I said “No, thank you. I think we’re good.” And hurriedly faced Kizia to give updates.

I know. I know. “What were you thinking?? You turned down free drinks??” Yeah I know. But with an earlier “Do you want to have sex” question from a stranger, I thought how is this different from a “Can I buy you a drink”? I don’t know Seoul’s nightlife yet. And I am the stranger here. So I guess my ‘NO’ could be spared right?

3. Oppa

So where do I start? Right, how he looks like.

He’s more of Seungri (Big Bang), but his eyes and the sparkles in them are more of Daniel Henney’s. Basta he’s somehow kind of like you know… both.

He comes right behind me and we danced. All night. Just danced.

Oppa: Hi! Do you speak Korean?

Me: No. Aniyo.

Oppa: Where are you from?

Me: From the Philippines.

I really don’t remember what else we talked (because I think we didn’t talk at all) about but we danced. I semi-introduced Kizia but because he really can’t understand that much from all the noise, we just danced. Just danced. Even did a three-way dance (me, Kizia and him).

Dear Kizia, when are we going to do the video about the dance steps??

Oh. And this:

Oppa: You’re my style!

I know what he meant by this (very flattering) but, admit it. This is ridiculously funny and cute at the same time. Oppa is already cute and this made him even cuter. He even asked us if we want to join him and his friends for a soju. But I politely declined. That’s twice in one night.

I think it’s been an hour of dancing already, because my throat became dry and I was thirsty. I asked Kizia if we could go home (and I think she’s already bored haha). I politely turned to Oppa and told him that we’re leaving. He flashed a sad smile and said okay. He shook my hand, bowed and thanked me. ISN’T HE CUTE?????

We were walking up the stairs when suddenly someone grabbed my hand and I almost fell down because of it. I turned and saw Oppa smiling apologetically (so cute).

Oppa: Number?

I swear he looks like this when he asked me:

Me: Oh! I’m so sorry (I really was)! I don’t have a number here! I only have an international number.

Oppa: Okay okay. (smiles sadly… and gave me a bow again)

So that’s about it (for now).



서울특별시 마포구 서교통364-26번지


Starting at Hongik University, cross the street and head left toward the playground (green on the map). Continue down the street on the right side of the playground. Shortly after passing the playground you will see Cocoon on your left hand side.

On our way home, I saw a motel called Good Time Motel. And I remembered Mr. Hoodie. Funny.


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