Seoul Day 2 – Korean Barbecue

This post is about FOOD. And our first authentic Korean Barbecue in Korea with Narae.

To start this off, here is Kizia getting ready for the meal:

We started dinner with a clear soup with some leaves which I thought was Nori at first. Haha.

Some banchan followed and then our orders came. Everything’s so fast, our table was filled instantly.

Here’s an order of Pig Skin. YUMMMYY….

For our Ssamgyupsal:

My first and best kimchi jigae I’ve ever tasted:

Now THAT’s a lot of seaweeds. You can get unlimited refills of it. The table beside us (2 Korean girls) asked for 2 refills of it if I’m not mistaken.

Narae taught us that we could mix the seaweeds with our rice, as well as our kimchi jigae. It will look as tasty as this:

And here’s our Korean barbecue!


You’ll be given scissors to cut your meat.

That’s Narae’s hand. She’s cooking for us. Haha!

I’m missing the pig skin right now. Waaaah.. I’m getting hungry. Oh no.


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