Escape to Seoul Day 2 (Part 2 of 2)

Read Day 2 Part 1 here.


We stopped by Namdaemun Market that afternoon. Nana (so so sweet) offered to help us get cheaper prices from the ajhummas in Namdaemun. But we didn’t buy anything (yet again) because, well, we really don’t feel like buying stuff right there and then. We also felt that we are such a big burden to Nana if we make her do the haggling. And it’s a bit awkward too.

In Namdaemun, it’s better if you know how to speak in Korean because most unnis and ajhummas in Namdaemun doesn’t speak that much Englilsh. The place has a Divisoria feel to it (Divisoria in the Philippines), not the 168 area. The old parts of Divisoria. No, scratch that. It’s like Baclaran! The market place near the Baclaran Church is similar to Namdaemun Market – only it’s bigger and cleaner.

We passed by Ssamziegil along Insadong when Nana dropped us off. It was already on our list so imagine how happy we were when we learned  how near it was to our hotel! After saying our goodbyes to Nana, we walked back to the hotel to rest for a while and freshen up because we have a date in Hongdae with Narae. 🙂


Kizia met Narae in a marketing class back in college. She went to the Philippines to study, and went back to Korea right after graduation. When we finalized our trip, Kizia immediately left her a message – the date was set (although it was finalized when we were in Seoul already haha), and with our trusty Seoul Tourist Map, and our ‘how to get in a packed train’ skills we learned in Manila, we braved the snowy/rainy weather to see Narae and set our foot in the famous Hongdae.

OH YAH! IT SNOWED-slash-rained. AND I WAS SO HAPPY. Oh wait, I don’t have a photo. (-_-) Pffft

Narae said that some Koreans love rain, some love snow, but most of them hate the kind of weather we had that night. Snow / rain. It was more of raining than snowing actually. But I still loved it!

The first restaurant that we went to is full so we transferred to another (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a photo of the place). The dinner was spectacular!

Me and our cook, Narae 🙂

Dearest Kizia, please remind me the food we ate that night. All I remembered was the Pork skin. Yum-meh. I will put another blog post about the dinner after this one!

Another great thing about the place is that you can ask for big plastic bags where you can put your stuff in so the smell of the barbecue place won’t stick to them. Narae forgot they were available and only remembered it AFTER our meal.

plastic bags for your bags (and stuff)

Narae also forgot to tell us that tissue papers and napkins are also available (we were looking for napkins all night). It was just right above us!

We badly needed a sweet hot drink after the big dinner. And on our way to the coffee shop, we passed by THE Tukbokki Shop where Mary Stayed Out All Night was filmed! I know this is THE store. Plus Narae confirmed it! Yipee!

The Tukbokki Shop from Mary Stayed Out All Night

Go to and take a picture of one location in your favorite Korean Drama: check.

The boys are so cute. They posed for the camera too when they saw us taking a picture. :))

We also passed by this:

Hehehehe. So back to the coffee shop.

We stopped by EDIYA Coffee shop in Hongdae. It’s a small coffee shop, with a few tables and chairs. Fortunately, we found a table despite the crowd.

The brick walls are great, the colors of all elements inside the shop blends well, and it looks really warm from the outside! The store is part-glass so you can see everything from the inside – the shops outside, the people walking by, it’s a nice spot to people-watch! You can also watch falling snow without feeling cold. Ediya Coffee is small, but cozy. It’s a mixture of modern architecture and just plain cuteness. I love the hanging light bulbs by the way. It adds to the modern feel to the place.

That night, we learned about the power of the… STRAW.


It’s not just A straw. It’s THE straw. Haha! It’s really a stirrer but it’s also a straw. You can drink/sip your coffee or latte from it. It’s really nice. And it’s blue! We were so amazed with this technology (whut) that we were tempted to get more. Haha! We’ve now seen these strawstirrers here in the Philippines, starting with the first branch of Holly’s Coffee along Taft Avenue. Some branches of Jollibee started providing strawstirrers for their customers’ coffee.

Being a non-user, I rely on Kizia for make up tips and whatnots. And Korea is a known haven for cosmetics. It was one of the topics we had during our coffee time. But Narae felt her knowledge with cosmetics were limited. She decided to phone a friend. Thus the picture:

We were already in Hongdae so the urge to party was strong. But Narae’s got work the following day so the partying will have to wait. Haha! We took the subway home and surprisingly, it was still crowded at that time!

Even though it was kind of a short date with her, it was definitely one of the most memorable nights ever in my life. Meeting a new friend in a faraway country and the discovery of the STRAW = EPIC.

Let’s not forget the Sweet Potato Latte! Love love love…


P.S. We had a little stop over at Family Mart:

Kizia's Starbucks Latte
and my ice cream. I ate all three of them while Kizia was in the bathroom. Sorry, they were delicious. I'll treat you to an ice cream soon na lang :P.

And another day passed in Seoul. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Escape to Seoul Day 2 (Part 2 of 2)

  1. I love those straws too! I swear, Korea has the cutest things that make life that much better. Every time I go to Ediya coffee, I MUST get their patbingsu. It’s my ultimate favorite dessert!

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