Seoul Day 1

Here are some photos of our first day in Seoul. Please excuse my vanity.  Haha! Enjoy!

After our breakfast/lunch in McDonald’s. Taken around 4-5 PM. Crazy right? Crazy for us at least.

Korean Airlines’ in-flight meal: Bibimbap. How to Make Bibimbap. 

On our way to the hotel. With Mr. Yoon’s awesome GPS.

Outside the hotel. Getting ready for Seoul!

Doing some last-minute reviews on Korean.

Mixing the old and new:

Artbox Candy corner. Best. Store. Ever.


Very wide pedestrian lane.



4 thoughts on “Seoul Day 1

    1. Hi, I actually don’t know since our hotel accommodation was somehow “sponsored”. But as far as I could remember, the deluxe room was around 99,000won (it was I think the cheapest). But the room was remarkable! Comfortable beds, awesome toilet and bathroom, complete toiletries. 🙂

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