Escape To Seoul – Day 1 (Part 1 of 2)

Like what I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ll soon be updating you guys with our Seoul experience last year. I’ve put this blog entry off for a while because, to badly put it, I was kind of depressed about not being able to stay longeeeerrrr in Korea. And to think we were there for seven days. I was missing S.Korea so bad that instead of editing photos, I just went on with my life, blabbing about how I miss Korea so much. Haha! Pathetic, I know. But that is what you will feel if you went on a trip and you fell in love with the place, right? 

It’s already March so what’s the best way to celebrate the anniversary of our trip other than to reminisce and tell the whole world about how WE fell in love with the Land of the Morning Calm? You’ve seen the video, now here are photos and a blow by blow account of happened. The entries are mostly based (aka copied) from my tumblr site. You can also check these out there if you are following me. 🙂


Almost 6 months ago, Seoul was just a dream. It was a plan that was out of reach. Impossible. It’s only on TV, on YouTube, in my mind. But who would have thought that OUR Seoul experience will happen???

My dear friend , driventolive told her mom about how we truly oh-so-want to go to Korea. And lo and behold, plane tickets were booked, the hotel was booked, and all we have to do is to plan our itinerary, our outfits and lust for more Seoul videos/Kdramas/music videos before we actually step on the Land of Morning Calm. We instantly became two girls who will explore a new city, who will soon escape reality, hoping to find answers, creating new dreams, who will soon have fun in a far away land, divulging in the culture, the people, the Korean way of life.

THE BIG DAY. March 22, 2011.

Nothing really happened during the check-in (well except for the 12KG, 15KG and 13.5 KG bags that we have) and before boarding, except for the “I still can’t believe we’re going to Korea” phrases that we exchange and the “OMG, we’re boarding the plane, are we really going there???” questions we ask each other.

Korean Air offers Bibimbap onboard. Of course we had to try it out!

Me with my Bibimbap!
Kizia with ze long spoon!

I slept through the flight (I got sick too because I lack sleep for almost a week before the trip. Barf. And well, I went to the office that morning of our flight).


TOUCHDOWN! March 23, 2011.

Incheon Airport was breathtaking. No wonder it was one of the most awesome airports in the world. (We don’t have any photo of our arrival. We were so amazed we forgot to take one. Or did we delete it by accident??)

Anyway, we were picked up by our friendly driver Mr. Yoon who speaks little English, but even so, we were able to understand him. His van’s got GPS (and we later learned that almost every car/vehicle especially the cabs got one too) and he even showed us the Hangang River as we pass by it.

Mr. Yoon's GPS



At around 5-6 AM, we arrived in Seoul and saw how it was early in the morning. 🙂 It was peaceful. It was spectacular.


When we got to the hotel, we actually planned on looking around Jonggak area since we didn’t have any plans for that day. But we were so groggy and so sleepy we decided to check in early to get some sleep.

Hotel Sunbee

We stayed in Hotel The Sun Bee. I’m not sure what room we got but as far as I can remember their deluxe room is as low as 99,000 Won (around Php 4,500) per night. NOT BAD BECAUSE I SUPER DUPER LOVE OUR ROOM.

Our beds

Deluxe room has one single bed and one queen-sized bed. The room also has a big LCD TV with DVD and VHS players.

I’m not sure if other hotel rooms have a desktop PC included but Hotel Sunbee does. AND THE INTERNET CONNECTION’S FREAKING FAST. IT’S FAST, I TELL YOU MY FRIEND.

The place is heavenly.

It’s got a big bathroom with shower and tub, and the ‘powder room’ makes us look even prettier. Haha! It’s also complete with shampoos, conditioners, body wash, hair sprays, shaving cream, lotions, toner and even a comb!

Hotel Stuff

After kind of settling down, we slept from 7 AM until 2 PM. And it was lovely. The sleep. The sleep time  was lovely.

You can check out Hotel Sunbee’s website here:

Apparently, they already increased rates since we stayed there:

But I promise you, you will love their rooms!


Part 2 coming up next!


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