Montemar Beach Club (Feb 2012)

I just got back from a business conference in Montemar Beach Club in Bataan.

My roommates
Our room

We left Manila at exactly 6 AM, stopped by Genesis bus station in Cubao (driver forgot the bus’ DVD player remote), and we watched The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. We reached Montemar, and the movie was still not finished (apparently, it was the extended version WTF bitin)

Anyway, after the Buscon proper and the commitment sharing, we all shared this activity that is popular in Montemar: the releasing of the turtles!

Me and my turtle!

They’re so many! And Montemar management made sure that every turtle’s released to the sea safely.

We freshened up after, had dinner and some of us tried their stakes at the videoke machine/Magic Sing. I asked Ate Jovy to hang out with me near the shoreline. The skies are clear and you can see an amazing view of the stars and moon. You can tell, and I am sure by now that you know I am a beach person. And the sound of the waves at nighttime is so relaxing, you want to sleep right there and then. Ate Lynette brought us each a can of beer and we started chatting and kidding around. After a while, I couldn’t resist the temptation to lie down and put my head back and stare at the skies (the difficult part is the getting the sand out of my hair).

People started to go to our small group and we ended up playing Pinoy Henyo with a new app I downloaded (for free) in my iPod Touch called iHenyo. What followed are a series of misguided clues, loud laughs, a crazy ’round-about’ and just a good old bonding time with work peeps.

Beer + iHenyo

The next morning, some of us went swimming at the pool, played beach volleyball and rode a banana boat. I even heard some went jet skiing. But me? I slept. But I still woke up earlier than usual. At 9:30, already dressed, I grabbed breakfast, hung out with the bosses, freshened up, packed my stuff, and ate lunch. Talk about hungriness.

After our early lunch, I grabbed my book and walked towards the beach. We stayed in a cabana (which is apparently for rent) but nobody stopped us, so I’m guessing that’s okay hehe. Read a few pages of Storm of Swords, talked with my roommates/office-mates and next thing we know, it was already 12:30- time to check out and leave.

Beach side

It was another memorable experience that I will definitely look back to.


  1. I got to relax for a bit,
  2. read a book by the beach
  3. felt the sand (again)

I haven’t written anything about my last trip to Canyon Cove + Tagaytay (because there are a lot to tell) so this one would suffice. 🙂

P.S. Can’t wait for my next beach weekend!

Photos taken with Canon S100


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