How short is short?

I am a coward when it comes to change. Physical change.

To date, I only colored my hair twice. I changed my hair’s length just once (since the beginning of puberty). I was in second year high school and my hair was so short back then (above shoulder).

I always thought about cutting my hair short but I never actually did. Until January 31 happened.

I had a shoot for a client AVP and my production manager hired this make up artist (he’s really good, by the way and he works fast). He knows how to cut hair too. First, he trimmed down the wig that we’re using for the shoot. Then, he did my PM’s hair. Then, they both asked me to cut mine too.

I was hesitant at first because:

1. We were not in a salon

2. We were in a school

3. We were in a shoot

4. I was not ready to cut my hair

But I my feet dragged me to the chair and MUA started snipping my hair. So from this:

to this:

I’m planning to color my hair this weekend. Talk about change.

I remembered one of my resolutions for 2012: ENJOY LIFE. So I’ll try to enjoy this short hair and look at the positive thing this brings me.

But first, sleep.


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