Au Revoir

I hate goodbyes. I am so bad at it. I don’t know how to properly act. I don’t know if it’s okay to cry when the one leaving isn’t even tearing up.

Last January 13, I spent the night (well, just dinner time) with my Digicon Family. Mommy Joh cooked another incredible (and her last) dinner for all of us. Beefsteak, Liempo, buttered corn (my favorite. It’s very easy to please me, really), Caesar Salad, Chicken Lollipops, and Carbonara. Yummehh.

Commercial: Why ‘mommy’?

We all came from a productions organization in DLSU – Green Media Group. And it has been a tradition to call our… elders… or those who already graduated ‘mommies’ or ‘daddies’ (not so much for the daddies). It’s a similar concept to how Filipinos call older people ‘ate’ or ‘kuya’. Only this time, we treat each other as families.

A more sensible explanation is: those who are part of the Executive Board and the Pool Heads were given their own babies at the start of the year. Because our org is big (ranging from 40-90 members), we have to divide the work to everyone, assign ‘babies’ to text for updates, announcements etc. Therefore the ‘mommy’ 🙂

Going back: Over dinner, we watched The Little Mermaid, to commemorate the recent play that we watched (one of the mommies bought a show and we all watched) and ate and ate and ate. Then a video presentation followed. While watching, it hit me — that Mommy Joh will be leaving, and that night will be the last my time to see her. And 5 minutes into the video, I learned so much about this situation:

  • You learn how to let go
  • People learn how to move on, not just once in their lifetime
  • You learn how to grow and mature on your own given these situations
  • You learn how to understand
  • You become selfless
  • You learn how to accept
  • You become stronger
  • You learn how to LOVE more

I hate saying goodbyes. I hate seeing people leave. I have this emotional attachment to people whom I’ve gotten close with. But with Mommy Joh’s new life in New York, I realized that it’s okay to be left behind. I realized that it’s okay to leave. Because it’s just another chapter in your life waiting to be read out loud!

Mommy Joh, I will always miss you. The nerdy moments we shared, your OC-ness, your knowledge and experiences, your courage which I admire the most, and the learnings I get every time we’re together – I will always remember them. I will always remember the stories you told me the first time I shared the room with you in my first out-of-town trip/work with Digicon. May you create more memories and stories to share with me, with us the next time we meet. I love you!


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