Officially Welcoming 2012

(This is going to be a long post. Read with caution hehe)

I seriously believe that the world will end in 2012. No offense to others, but I just like to believe that this event I saw in a movie will happen to convince myself to take chances, do things, explore new places and see new faces this year. And well, do my resolutions. Have you written down yours? Well, mine is longer than last year. But before we go there, let me have this opportunity to go over very special events and highlights last year that kept me sane and crazy at the same time. These are the events and opportunities that I am very much thankful for 🙂 I know I’m a few days late but hey, it’s now or never right?


  • watched more movies in theaters in 2011 than in 2010
  • finally applied for post-paid
  • more dates with friends
  • watched more K-Dramas
  • colored my hair + side bangs:

  • full bangs :


  • BOLINAO for work

  • BOLINAO for play

  • 2NE1’s The Party

  • cute and flirtatious moments with C-Barista

  • my brother finished school

(Where are our pictures???)

  • CEBU, CDO for work/play (more raket with Digicon Family)

  • actually FISHED during Christmas break

  • Christmas parties


Here’s a video made by my good friend Kizia about our group’s 2011 highlights:

Remembering these moments made me realize how much I’ve accomplished last year. It’s funny because I remember telling myself “You’ve been so busy with work, you don’t have time for yourself, your friends or family” but just by looking at these, who’s kidding who?

So based on these accomplishments, I came up with my resolutions for 2012. But here’s a summary of it:

  • SAVE. Save up for the future!
  • SHARE. Help others. Share happiness. Share knowledge.
  • TRAVEL. Take every opportunity for travelling. See the world.
  • LEARN. Learn a new dance. Learn a new language. Read more books. Learn to be more girly.
  • LIVE. Be healthy! Be happy! Update personal journal. Create a travel journal.

It’s basically the same as last year, only it’s more detailed this time (it’s written in my journal. If you want a full list, let me know! haha!).

I feel good about the coming days. I am looking forward to experiencing 2012. And I can’t wait to experience 2012 with a blast!


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