I confess that I am a K-drama addict

Yes. Yes. You got me. More than 5 years ago now, I’ve been watching Korean Dramas since they started airing on national TV. And up until now, whenever I get my hands on some show, I can’t help but watch episodes continuously and sleep very very late.

And this is how I celebrated New Year: by finishing Scent of a Woman (SBS, 2011) starring Kim Sun-A and Lee Dong Wook.

(Fact: Lee Dong Wook went to the Philippines in 2006.)

So anyway, since I was crying non-stop for almost 2 hours earlier, I decided to make a not-so-decent review about Scent of a Woman. (This was also Lee Dong Wook’s first drama right after he finished his military service. Fan much??)



The story is like A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks.

Lee Yeon Jae (played by Kim Sun-A) learns she has Gallbladder Cancer and that surgery is not anymore an option. She resigns from her job, flies to Okinawa, assuming that it’s her first and last trip before she dies. During her vacation, she meets her ex-company’s Department Head, Gang Ji Uk (played by Lee Dong Wook) and fate brings two good-looking Koreans together.

Coincidentally, her attending physician,  Dr. Chae Eun Suk (played by Uhm Ki-Joon) is a classmate from primary school (that’s almost 25 years ago) who eventually realizes that he’s been in love with likes her ever since their childhood days.

To complete the love square, and to make the story more interesting, here comes Im Se Gyeong (played by Seo Hyo Rim) who is the daughter of a big credit card (?) company. Gang Ji Uk and Im Se Gyeong are soon to be wed so the rich people (aka Ji Uk’s father, Se Gyeong and her father) are giving our Yeon Jae a hard time.

The drama is about how Lee Yeon Jae tries to cherish her remaining days with the people she loves and by doing the things she wants to experience before she dies.

It’s basically about love, life and all the grays in between.

So you see how it’s similar to A Walk to Remember?


– TRAVEL. LIFE. BUCKET LIST. CANCER. I can totally relate. Not that I have cancer but I know someone who did. The ‘A Walk to Remember’ similarity hit me an hour AFTER I finished the whole drama. You can see the similarity but you won’t even notice it’s there. :)) Another fantastic twist to the world of K-dramas.

– LEE YEON JAE. I like how she handled her situation well. It must have been a stab in the chest to know that you’ve got 6 months left to live, but she handled the situation very well. All the courage she kept inside for a long time, she took it all out, resigned from her job, talked back to the people who looks down on her and traveled on her own. Oh I also like how the other characters, the people around her handled her situation. Yes they pity her, but hope is what they bring her. They keep her alive at heart. And Kim Sun-A is a very talented actress. I have always loved her and up to now, she is still amazing.

– THAT THIS IS NOT ANOTHER “WOMAN FALLS IN LOVE WITH THE MAN, AT THE LAST EPISODE, MAN REALIZES HE LOVES HER TOO, BOOM, HAPPY ENDING.” I know I haven’t seen that many dramas but the story line is new to me!

– TOURIST SPOTS. I love how K-Dramas continue to promote Korea as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. How can you not resist the Banpo bridge, Wando Island, Jeju Island? And well, they also shot in Okinawa, but hey, they did another amazing job at this!

– CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Hats off to the writer, No Jil-Su and the director, Park Hyung-Ki (I’m thinking of watching their 2010 drama called Dr. Champ. Is it any good as this one?). I fully support what they did to the development of the characters. Not only to the main character Yeon Jae (how she transformed from a low-life, verbally abused and sexually harrased employee to a free person who stands up for what she truly believes in) but also to the rest of the characters.



– KISSING SCENES. ayyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I don’t want to spoil you, so you should watch!

– LEE DONG WOOK. I don’t need to elaborate this. ❤


– too many flashbacks. Example- First scene. We see Yeon Jae talking to another patient. Their conversation will end. Second scene – We see Yeon Jae in her room, staring at the window. Flashback of the previous conversation. Only this time, the patient is telling her more than what she already did in the previous scene.

I think they edited it this way so that the two-shot/talking scene won’t be too draggin. But… Come on, I think we can handle a few more minutes of their conversation, instead of making it a flashback.

– Seo Hyo-Rim and her eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong here. I love her. She’s really an effective actress. She’s great. I hate her so much in the series because she’s really annoying, thus making her an effective actress. But every time the scene cuts to her close up, my eyes go to her eyebrows. She should at least pluck a little. >_<

– … no. Nothing. I don’t have a third item. That’s it.


Overall, I highly recommend this drama (MY NEW FAVORITE). The drama, comedy and aegyo of this show blends well together. 5 out of 5 stars!


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