Bulgogi Brothers – Greenbelt 5

Before we ended the week, we decided to have a sinful pre-Christmas dinner at Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5.

The people at the door are so nice. They even greeted us a perfect anneyong haseo!

These are what we ordered:

Bulgogi Bibimbap = Php 395

Seoul Style Bulgogi = Php 595

Kimchi-jigae (yum!) = Php 395

Raspberry Mint Tea and Citrus Mint Tea = around Php 200 each

They only have 3 Banchan (side dishes) plus a platter of quail eggs, sweet potatoes and corn on the house. The Banchans are refillable. Aside from the Kimchi, I enjoyed the leafy dish (I forgot what it’s called!).

YAY: refillable banchan

NAY: only three (3) sides??Β 

We were also served the tea of the day: Oksusu Cha or Corn Tea.

Very delicious considering that this is their house tea (of the day). I usually ignore most restaurants’ (Chinese or Korean) house tea, but not this one! My next Korean grocery visit: find Oksusu Cha.

Our very refreshing drinks arrived πŸ™‚ And the rest of our order followed.

Seoul Style Bulgogi, which was cooked on top of their built-in induction cooker. It wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be but it their serving was OMO SO MANY. πŸ™‚

Our Bibimbap arrived:

Our server mixed it up for us. You can choose how spicy you want your Bibimbap to be. I love their Bibimbap. πŸ™‚ The bap (rice) is cooked perfectly and it’s mixed with the right amount of vegetables. (Some bibimbaps are overloaded with vegetables, which I don’t like, takes out the joy of eating RICE haha)

And our last dish came: Kimchi-jigae. I don’t have a photo of the dish but I am telling you it’s superb. It’s served in a black pot (like the one used in the Bibimbap) and still boiling! Their Kimchi-jigae, or spicy stew with pork, kimchi, and tofu is with … rice cake! I haven’t had Kimchi-jigae with rice cake before, but rice cake or none, it was heaven. It wasn’t too sour and spicy, the blend was just right.

I also like what they did in the place. It was very warm and cozy, and some Korean group’s concert was also playing on their big-ass TV! I hope they play some K-dramas there too. There are also wooden panels that give you the modern yet traditional Korean mood. Their induction cookers look cool too. Sleek and black, goes well with the table.


– Food. I love the taste, presentation and serving size πŸ™‚

– Place. Like you’re in a modern hanok (traditional Korean house)

– Service. Fast and accommodating.


– Food choices. So few to choose from. No Mandu (they don’t have the plain one, but they have a spicy mandu), no kimchi-jeon (kimchi pancakes. Was there ramen? Can’t recall. So there, not so much to choose from.

– drumroll… the Price. I think the place is pricey (well, you don’t really get to complain about the price while you’re in Greenbelt 5). But I could find a decent Korean resto, owned and run by a Korean, for a cheaper price. You may even be lucky to be served by the owner himself/herself!

My verdict: 3.5 out of 5 Stars (yes, it’s because of the price)

I want to try their Bulgogi Burger next time. But not anytime soon. I wonder if that’s what keeps the people from going back there.


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