Share Tea Philippines

That very same day, on our way back to the office, I received a flyer from a woman of a newly opened Tea Place in Pioneer.

Share Tea is originally from Taiwan and they recently opened 2 branches in the Philippines: in Wilson (Greenhills) and Pioneer (Mandaluyong). The Pioneer branch delivers so I decided to treat everyone in the office a drink as my additional Christmas present (and just because I really want milk tea).

They have a promo until January 2 wherein if you buy 5 drinks, you get 1 drink of your choice for free!

I just ordered their Taiwan Classic Milk Tea with egg pudding (safest) with 50% sugar level. And the drink arrived:

I got free pearls (although I prefer crystals hehe)!

Nothing really special about the drink (aside from the free pearls). It’s a big bland compared to others’ drink at 50% sugar level. I like ChaTime’s egg pudding but ShareTea’s has a different texture – it’s softer, creamier, almost like jellyace. Yay! I don’t like having pearls in my milk tea anymore, and that’s why I am not that super happy with it. The pearls keep getting in my way. 😛

I give my drink 3 out of 5 stars.

If you are craving for Milk/iced tea anytime soon, Share Tea is one call away!

Share Tea Philippines

Wilson Branch: 727 – 8888

Pioneer Branch: 654 – 5555 (we ordered here. Great service!)


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