Of Christmas Parties and Video Editing

I am very much looking forward to celebrating another Christmas party with my UBE friends. Last year was our first official Christmas party and we celebrated it in our house at the province. This year, we haven’t decided on the venue yet (we have a committee for the logistics, exchange gifts, activities, food and drinks, transportation [should the party be held out of town] awards and coordination) but since I volunteered to be a part of the Awards Committee, I’ve been sleeping late for the past three days editing the awards video for the party. I’m not complaining, NO! It’s just that I am excited and overwhelmed with what I am doing and what I already finished! 8 out of 13 videos! Yeah baby!

(i do not own the gif)

You can check out last year’s awards on video by Ariane (candidheadlines.com) :

And a summary of what happened last year by Kizia :

I still have a lot to do before the party (layout and print awards/certificate, decorate the ‘trophy’). And I still have a LOT of videos to edit before the year ends. 🙂 I hope this editing (and creative) rush continues until I finish everything!

Please look forward to more videos (SOON!) ^_^


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