I’ve been thinking about setting up a new blog. I have a blogspot before, which is mainly about a college girl’s rants and whatnots on life, love, peer pressure, majors, and.. well, you get the drill.

I also have a Tumblr account, which I super love to bits. But I really don’t feel like going ‘public’ about it. Think of it as my dirty, little secret. There I blog about almost everything – life, work, food, places, friends, etc. But I rarely update it with informative stuff. If I do, I only get to compose and publish the first part (out of seven-ish). Boohoo.

I feel that it’s about time to finally squeeze out all my creative juices and commit to updating one blog (so I can finally put a check mark on my TO DO list: create a very useful blog and update it regularly). It is my goal to keep this blog alive until I grow old and witness a dramatic change in the history of mankind (read: live in a different planet, or have awesome grandkids).


Thus, my misadventures. Why so? I think about my experiences as a series of unfortunate events that I enjoy. For example:

  • Food – when taken frequently in large amounts can make you sick and unhealthy
  • Travelling – burns your money
  • Books – burn your money too; eats up your time
  • Movies – give you a perfect world of truth and lies
  • TV shows – give you insomnia


Who would ignore food?

Who would say no to the chance to see the world?

Who wouldn’t enjoy an hour or two escape from reality?


Dude, please. I live to eat, I live to learn, I live to travel, I live to get eye bags, and I live to maximize everyone’s internet connection.


So please feel free to empathize, sympathize, and anything -thize. Join me as we crash the big party called life and live it to the fullest.



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