I’m back!

Well, at least I’ll try to update AGAIN more often.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on editing a lot of backlogged travel videos (the last one was for our 2012 Cebu-Bohol Trip!) and I think I can start doing some writing while I’m at it!

So here’s a quick update: I resigned from my corporate job four months ago, and now I focus on handling our two businesses, our own production house, and our wedding group. I think I’ve had enough rest (HAHA), projects here and there, but yes, I have a lot of time on my hands right now. It’s amazing!

There! Just wanted to post something, to remind myself to post more often. Maybe it’s time again for another Wheel of Life test.


See you soon!


Thoughts while watching 24 Oras (and commercials)

March 4, 2016
– ang ganda ng damit ni Vicky Morales

– WTF is happening in the country? Hired killers everywhere

– nakakaiyak yung commercial ng Jollibee na “Almusal” as in naiyak ako sa bus

– kamuka ni Leni Robredo si Vicky Belo

– tatakbo pala ulit si Dick Gordon 👍🏼

– ang tagal ko na hindi nanonood ng TV 

– feeling ko hindi talaga retoke si Iya Villania 

– kulang ang time slot for news

– nakakapikon yung paid ad ni Pacquiao 

– mas nakakainis yung kay Grace Poe

– ang traffic

– okay naman daw si Bae Alden. Eh feeling ko texting while driving. 

Nearly 4 months ago

I was about to write my first entry for this year. I was reminded that I have a LOT of pending entries I NEED to write immediately. Then I procrastinated.


Then I saw that I have this in my drafts. This was nearly 4 months ago. I don’t know the whole idea of this post but I know it’s something. Something about thinking about the decision I made, something about this voice inside me saying I made the wrong choice. Maybe it’s about the fear inside me that has been growing and growing. Maybe it’s the doubt I have in myself.


The confidence back then was nearly gone. And I’m 50% sure that it’s being tested again. Today. In an hour. For the final interview.


Here’s the draft. It’s not so much but I think you’ll get what I mean:


Thursday was very dull. Admittedly, I accomplished nothing. Came from a wake the night before, got home around 4. Came to work at 8 am. Almost every 30 minutes, I find myself snoozing.


“Be gallant, be great, be gracious, and be grateful for the opportunities that you have. The opportunity to learn from the men who have walked before you and those who walk beside you.”

Watch the video here.



Google Chrome Momentum

Have you heard about this Google Chrome plug-in “Momentum”? It’s a very cool plug-in or app that shows beautiful scenic spots around the world.

It shows your location, the weather, and an inspirational quote at the bottom. It also has a to-do list at the side (which I rarely use).


I’ve meant to post my discover of this chrome extension for some time now. Never got the chance until today. It’s one of the things that keeps me up during the day. Talk about #wanderlust

Try to install the extension by clicking here.

Wheel of Life

So I tried to give an assessment on my life and where I am now. I’ve tried this activity before during a management training/workshop I attended last year. And I think everyone should do this on a regular basis to re-align your goals and priorities.

Wheel of LIfe 2

I mean, look at it! My Wheel of Life sucks. Haha! The most surprising part here is… the ROMANCE part of my life is… at 95%. Even higher than what I got for my Family and Friends. Ridiculous! But just to let you know – this does not necessarily mean that you have a partner. Take a look at the following statements:

  • I am open to creating an intimate loving relationship (CHECK!)
  • I am free from past resentments or blame in the area of intimate relationships.
  • I am willing to risk myself for the sake of intimacy.
  • I create romance in my life.

See what I mean? 😛

Well now, I am slowly (but surely) taking the right precautions when it comes to my health. And I believe everyone with a health insurance should use their programs up to the extent that you’ll be cleared of all possible sicknesses! I just learned recently that our health card covers more than we think it covers. And it’s freaking awesome. I’m scheduling a dental and eye check up in the next few weeks. Yay for me!


Now, about career and money.

I was super organized with my financials before – this is before work took over and completely jumbled my organization skills. I am now ready to hit the restart button and re-arrange my financials again! I mean, look at the 14%!

I am meant to resign from work last year. But I am on a brink (again) of resignation, to find myself and what I really want to do with my life. My current work requires me to log in at 9 am and get off work at 7:30 PM. For the past three weeks, my siblings and I have taken turns in taking care of the family business (since our mom had an operation, so we need to somehow take over for a bit). And my parents’office ends at 5:00 PM – and it’s still bright outside!!! For once, I feltI need – I just wanted to come home early.

I want an 8-hour job, so I can have time to do extra things which I have never been done before. I’ve fallen into the bandwagon and started scribbling. I even bought new set of pens and a practice notebook!

I miss writing! Doing reviews and traveling. I want to finish unedited videos! I know what I want to do. And the next step… is to actually take the next step.


We’re almost halfway done with 2015. And my mantra “LETTING GO IS OKAY” is still applicable for me. I just need to get my sh*t together and take over the wheel for once.


You may take the Wheel of Life test here. 

Still young at heart

Disney is for everyone. There’s no question about it. And I can verify that. I’m 25 years old and I still get excited about everything Disney!

From movies to merchandise (although I don’t collect them haha) to theme parks – Disney is on top of my list! I cannot say that I’m a Disney baby because I didn’t “grow up” watching ALL movies, but I ENJOY watching most of them. 🙂 And truth be told, I watch the classics or the new ones up until now especially during my ‘down’ days.

So when I learned that “Disney Live!” is coming back to Manila with “Three Classic Fairy Tales” guess who’s the first one who flashed her little girly smile?? ME!

Managing the project is a tedious task but after 7 shows (in a span of 3 days), i finally got to watch the latter part of the 8th and final show. Saw Cinderella and Belle and it was fabulous! Just want to share some snippets with you.

And THIS is one of the reasons why I love my job. 🙂